Covenant Community Church affirms marriage as a covenant of fidelity — a public, lifelong commitment between two people in a personal and sexual union.

For us, this means more than the historical view between woman and man, but to acknowledge and welcome the diversity of gender and sexual identity.

God, the source of all love, is active in all marriages, offering encouragement, forgiveness, healing, and blessing. Two spouses bear the primary responsibility for living out their vows and in recognizing God’s activity in their relationship.

The church’s supportive role is expressed through community, prayer, worship and pastoral care. As such, we welcome any couple desiring to marry. We offer the rite of marriage regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and regardless of faith or membership in this or any faith community.

If you are not a part of a faith community, we do ask that you attend Covenant Community Church a few times prior to your wedding so that you’ll know who we are and for what we stand. You’ll be welcomed with open hearts and we hope you find a church home here!

Please contact us if you would like further information about holding your wedding at Covenant Community Church or inviting our pastor to officiate your wedding. Upon inquiry about holding a wedding at Covenant, we will give you a full Building Use Policy statement that will answer other questions that you might have.