Luke 10:38-42

Romans 12:7

Acts 6:7

Titus 3:14

Gal 6:2 & 10


DEFINED:  The special ability God gives to certain members of

the body to identify unmet needs and make use of available

resources to meet those needs



  • Willing to employ physical energy
  • Will stick to task until completion, even if he/she must

forfeit personal pleasures

  • Very task-oriented
  • Possess good attitude
  • Need recognition or validation
  • Like projects that yield immediate results
  • Usually well organized



  • Make sure God has called you to do the task
  • Do your work as unto the Lord
  • Keep your priorities straight
  • Be careful not to interfere with God’s dealings with others


CURRENT EXAMPLES:  How your gift may be put to use. . .

  • Officers
  • Ushers
  • Nursery Coordinators
  • Projects for Homeless, Migrant Workers, Youth/Elderly
  • Librarian
  • Building Committee
  • Carpenters