I Cor 12:28

Acts 20:35

Luke 10:40


DEFINED:  The spirit given ability to serve in a support role

to enable others in ministry to increase their effectiveness




  • Desires to help others
  • Usually very unselfish because they like to help
  • Find great joy in freeing those in leadership to accomplish greater goals
  • Do not require great amounts of recognition for their efforts



  • Beware of too much busyness
  • Don’t use gift of helps as a means of avoiding

discovering and using other gifts

  • Do not confuse gift of Helps with Gift of Mercy
  • Learn to say “no” so you won’t burn out
  • May become so much a “helper” that you forget how to receive



CURRENT EXAMPLES:  How your gift may be put to use. . .

  • Copying/collating/filing
  • Photography
  • Computer input work
  • Hand work
  • Bookkeeping
  • Bulk mailings
  • Bulletin stuffing
  • Phone work for any ministry in need