I Cor 2:1-13

I Cor 12:8

Acts 6:3,10

James 1:5-6

II Peter 3:15,16


DEFINED:  The ability to know the mind of the Holy Spirit in

such a way as to receive insight into how given knowledge

may be best be applied to specific needs arising in the

Body of Christ.




  • Is practical-minded problem solver
  • Has little difficulty making decisions
  • Formal learning not a prerequisite
  • Does not like long hours of digging out new facts
  • Is often church diagnostician and consultant




  • Be prepared to receive objections at times
  • Your gift of Wisdom may convict and infuriate others
  • Your proposal may demand a change of attitude in others

and will cause others to face the will of God

  • Remains steadfast as the catalyst God wants you to be



CURRENT EXAMPLES: How your gift may be put to use. . .

  • Boards
  • Building Commission
  • Librarian
  • Elder/Deacon
  • Outreach: home visitation, small group
  • Vocational Counseling: minority groups, gang ministry,

released prisoners