I Cor. 9:19-20

Acts 8:4

Acts 13:2-3

Acts 22:21

Romans 10:15



DEFINED:  The special ability to minister whatever Spiritual

    Gifts one has in a second culture.


- Enjoys coming in contact with other cultures

- Enjoys the challenge of living in another culture

- Is willing to cut ties with their own culture on a

long-term basis

  • Learns the language more rapidly than those without

the gift

  • Feels at home in second culture


  • Don’t say every Christian is a missionary

  • If you don’t have the gift, stay at home!

  • Don’t confuse the Gift of Missionary with the

Gift of Evangelism

  • Remember, only 1% of any congregation has the gift

of Missionary

CURRENT EXAMPLES:  How your gift may be put to use. . .

  • Local Missions:

Missionary Teacher in Hispanic or other ethnic


Missionary Bible Translator with gift of Knowledge

Missionary Nurse/Doctor with Mercy and Service

    - homeless shelter or local ethnic community

Missionary Evangelist/Pastor in prison ministry

    - Foreign Missions:

          Missionary Doctor, Nurse

         Missionary Teacher

         Missionary Pastor/Evangelist

         Missionary Engineer with gift of Helps and Service

         Missionary Agricultural Worker with gift of Leadership

             And Encouragement