This year, this Sunday is both the Sunday before Thanksgiving and also “Christ The King Sunday”. It is the last Sunday of the year … the liturgical year that is. This is set aside to celebrate and commemorate Christ as the King. Cyril of Alexandria said we celebrate “Christ has dominion over all creatures, … by essence and by nature.”

As people of the Christian Faith, it’s easy to accept some basic beliefs that most of us grew up with such as Christ is our Savior, Christ is Sovereign of the earth and Christ is King of the universe. However, the assigned gospel text asks the unspoken questions; “Is Christ the King of your LIFE?” It also tells us how to discern whether we are allowing Christ to reign as the King of our lives. The gap between the question and the words of discern is also the gap between beliefs and actions. Jesus says in the parable, it’s how you treat “the least of these.”

Perhaps this modern-day parable will help us put this point in perspective. In one edition of the Peanuts comic strip, Snoopy is sitting in the doorway of his doghouse shivering violently during a winter storm. It’s near Christmas as seen in the decorations on the doghouse. Charlie Brown and Lucy walk by all bundled up and warm. They both offer a greeting, “Be of good cheer, Snoopy.” And they keep on walking as Snoopy sits there with chattering teeth.

The message of the cartoon was powerful. Christ is not really the King of our lives when we offer compassionate words but neglect to help those in need when it’s within our ability to do so. Snoopy would have no doubt preferred a blanket over a greeting. A compassionate heart along with kind words and greetings are the reflection that Christ ‘REALLY’ is the King of your life.

Join us for worship by Zoom or Facebook livestream on this Sunday before Thanksgiving, Christ the King Sunday as I will explore the question “Is Christ ‘REALLY’ The King of Your Life?” based on Matthew 25:31-46, “The Parable of The Sheep and Goats.”

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