This Sunday is the Fifth Sunday of Easter. It is also Mother’s Day. I want to wish all Mothers and those serving in maternal roles “A Happy Mother’s Day.”

One of the most common questions people have about God is “what is God like?” Every culture in the history of the world has had some concept of what God is like. Some have assumed that God is in control of the weather and have made images of a storm God throwing lightning bolts around. Some have assumed that God is immensely powerful, and so they worshiped the most powerful thing they could see, the sun. Others have assumed that God is everywhere and therefore have worshipped seemingly everything. Some have assumed that God is unknowable and have, just to cover their bases, have worshiped “An Unknown God.”

The problems with each of these assumptions is that they only get part of the picture of who God is. Yes, God is in control of the weather, but He is also in control of so much more. He is powerful, but much more powerful than the sun. He is everywhere, but He also transcends everything. And, thankfully, while there are some things we do not understand about God, He is knowable. In fact, He has revealed everything we need to know about Him in the Bible. God wants to be known.

To understand what God the Infinite is like, we use our finite thinking to seek to know what God is like at different times, using different images. So, on this Mother’s Day, we will use the imagery of “God is like … A Mother!”

The unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of my Mom, James Ella Reid Finney, was my experience before I knew what God was like. So, to me, God will always be like A Mother. While not everyone was blessed with a Mom like mine; we all have access to the unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance of God

Join us at Covenant this Mother’s Day for worship, by Zoom or Covenant’s Facebook Live Stream or “on demand” later on Covenant’s YouTube channel, and learn more about this in my sermon “GOD IS LIKE …!” Based on “Psalms 31:1-5, 15-16,” “I Peter 2:9-10,” and “John 14:1-6, 12-14.

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