I was in a Faith in Action AL meeting this week where the topic was “Prophetic Declaring of the Scriptures.” It was led by the pastor of a large black Birmingham Baptist church. He talked about being able to “see things as God sees them and say things as God says them.” He spoke of how for too long church leaders have boiled all sin down to abortion and sexuality issues, especially homosexuality, and have used these 2 things to keep from addressing the issues for which Jesus talked about in Luke 4 and Matthew 25. His remarks reminded me of the words of Rev. Barber of the Moral Monday Movement in which Rev. Barber speaks of his concern about “those who say so much about the things which God says so little, and says so little about the things which God says so much.” It was so refreshing to hear a prominent African American pastor speak so eloquently about justice and inclusion of all of God’s children including LGBTQ persons.

As I listened and participated in the subsequent conversations, I couldn’t help but think how “the times are a-changing!” This was an example of change for the better. But you don’t have to look very far to see how times are changing for the worst. Turn on the TV, scroll through Twitter or check out Facebook and you will see that a lot of the change we see and experience is for the worst.

So, in the face of changing times and seasons, what is the constant that we can count on, no matter what? I think it’s obvious even if many of us have sat in church for years and failed to allow it to become our reality. It is God’s love! I find myself experiencing the changing season of losses in important people in my life and in various areas of ministry; but God’s constant love keeps me grounded and living with hope.

I’m amazed that no matter how many times I preach on the constancy of God’s unconditional love, so many fail to get it and let it become their reality. So I’ll just keep on preaching on it and trusting the Holy Spirit to work it out in people’s lives so that they can learn to live with hope in the face of changing seasons.

Join us for worship at Covenant this Sunday. We will be honoring Kay and Luwanna’s years of leadership service to Covenant as they face changing seasons in their lives. Then join us for dinner following my sermon on “Constant Love in Changing Seasons” based “Jeremiah 8:20-22 & 9:23-24.”

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