I Cor. 12:10-28

Eph. 4:11-14

Romans 12:6

Luke 7:26

Acts 15:32

Acts 21:9-11


DEFINED: The special ability to understand God’s revelation and

interpret it to others.




  • Demonstrated in preaching
  • Faithfully studies God’s Word
  • May be used in writing
  • Prophecy motivated people are very frank and direct verbally
  • Are not afraid to point out weaknesses
  • Are eager to have their weaknesses pointed out
  • Protective of God’s program
  • Want to see outward evidence of change




  • Speak the truth in love
  • Guard against rigidity
  • Be patient with new believers
  • Prophecy is not fortune telling



CURRENT EXAMPLES: How your gift may be put to use. . .

  • Church School Teacher
  • Preacher
  • Writer of Sunday School Curriculum; magazine articles;

books, school newspaper

  • Film maker – Christian films
  • Public Speakers