This Sunday is the 10th Sunday after Pentecost. The assigned scriptures from the Old Testament, Epistle, and Gospel texts requires us to “dig a little deeper” than surface reading to discover the full meaning and intent of those passages.

Answers to life’s most difficult questions are not found in the surface reading and literal interpretations of these scriptures. To be sure, there is a blessing to be had by just reading the scriptures. However, if you desire to discover God’s will for your life and if you want to live life to the fullest, walking in communion with God; it requires you to “dig a little deeper” than surface reading of scriptures. That is why Wednesday night Life Lessons, and the Lighthouse Class on Sunday mornings are such important ministries at Covenant. These are opportunities to “dig a little deeper” in scripture to discover the wisdom of God for the living of our lives in hope, faithfulness, and joy.

It helps us to experience God and life, and to also see ourselves in ways that bring newness, vitality, purpose, and wisdom to our life’s journey. This is the message from that great theological movie, The Frog and The Prince. Jennifer Lewis as Madam Odie sings, “You got to dig a little deeper, Find out who you are; You got to dig a little deeper, it really ain’t that far.” But the point is “You got to Dig a Little Deeper.”

So, join us this Sunday morning by Zoom or Facebook Live Stream as we “Dig a Little Deeper” about “confessing with the mouth, believing in the heart, and Peter walking on the water.” My sermon is “Dig a Little Deeper” based on “Romans 10:8-15” and “Matthew 14:22-33.”