This Sunday is Easter! We will be celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Now, you might think Easter must be the easiest sermon preparation assignment for preachers, especially those in long term pastorates. Wrong! After all, how many new ways can you tell the death and resurrection story of Jesus. Familiarity of having preached this topic for so many years to the same congregation, makes it harder to prepare the Easter Sermon.

Such familiarity with Easter often has a downside for Christians. We’ve heard the story so many times that over the years it ceases to have the impact it should on our modern lives. One might be tempted to ask, “Does the Resurrection Still Matter?”

Our instinctive response is “off course, it matters.” But then we might be hard pressed to give a short but convincing, impactful response of how that’s true in our lives right now.

Perhaps knowing why there are Easter egg hunts on the day we celebrate the Resurrection might help. The egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth; and Jesus’ resurrection represents for us new life, rebirth & bringing fertility of purpose to us our lives.

Last Sunday, “Glory” gave even a more impactful response than the story behind Easter eggs, when they sang these words:

They hung Him high. They stretched Him wide. He hung His head, For me He died; That’s love! But that’s not how the story ends, 3 days later, He rose again; That’s love!”

For me, that’s about as impactful a response as can be given to the question, “Does The Resurrection Still Matter?”

Join us at Covenant this Sunday for an opportunity to Celebrate with Fellowship the new life Easter brings. Sunrise Service is at 7:30 AM, followed by Easter Breakfast at 8:00 AM. Our Celebration of the Resurrection is at 10 AM with me preaching “Does the Resurrection Still Matter?” based on John 20:1-18.