Updated December 23rd 2021

Covenant Community Church

A United Church of Christ Congregation

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Dear Members and Friends of Covenant Community Church:

We have been watching the COVID pandemic and the new Omicron variant spreading at an alarming rate throughout the United States and Alabama. We are seeing a significant increase in hospitalizations and new infections from the Omicron variant. This variant has gone from 12.6% of all US COVID infections on December 11th to 73.2% in just one week. Even more alarming is that current treatments for COVID infection are not working for those infected with the Omicron variant.

Expert recommendations are that everyone gets vaccinated and boosted, wear masks when in public or gatherings, wash hands frequently, practice social distancing, and avoid crowds when possible. So, we are back to “stay home and stay safe.”

On Wednesday, December 22nd, the Covenant Board of Directors held a special meeting to discuss appropriate actions based on new information about the COVID Omicron variant and how we can keep our congregation safe. We prayerfully and very carefully decided it is necessary to stop in-person worship at Covenant for the time being effective immediately. We will continue to broadcast services on Zoom and live stream using the links on our website. This temporary solution will be re-evaluated at the next board meeting scheduled for January 25th, at which time we will have more data to help us make informed decisions on what to do next. We are sad to come to this unfortunate change in our worship and pray that we resume safe in-person worship soon.