On the pages to follow, we will take a brief look a the Signifying Gifts.  We see these gifts exercised more frequently in the charismatic denominations.  However, they are legitimate gifts and deserve our attention.


Celibacy – The supernatural ability to remain single for the

sake of being God’s person and for the sake of the Gospel.


Biblical References: I Corinthians 7:7;1 Corinthians 7:32-34


  • Is accompanied by at least one other gift
  • The person is not bothered by sexual temptations
  • Is content to be single and see it as an asset
  • Has no particular desire to marry


Exorcism – The supernatural ability to cast out evil spirits in

the name of Jesus Christ


Biblical References: Luke 10:12-30; Acts 8:5-8;

Acts 16:16-18; Acts 19:13-16


  • The gift of Discernment will usually accompany this gift
  • This person is very attuned to the power which exists in

the name of Jesus Christ


Voluntary Poverty – The special endowment of the Holy Spirit to

live in low economic status to be able to more effectively

identify with and serve the poor and oppressed


Biblical References:  I Corinthians 13:3; Acts 2:44-45;

Acts 4:34-37; II Corinthians 6:10; James 5:14-16;

I Timothy 2:1-2; Colossians 1:9-12


  • Willing to share all they have with others
  • Is usually accompanied by a high level of the gift of Service
  • Wants to identify closely with those he/she would serve
  • May also have the Gift of Faith because he/she can give

away all with full confidence that God will provide


Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues – Tongues is the God given

ability to speak in a language never before learned through

a divinely anointed utterance.  Interpretation on the other

hand, is the ability given by the Holy Spirit to make known

to others what is being uttered by the person speaking in



Biblical References: I Cor 12:10, 28, 30; Acts 2:1-13;

Acts 19:1-7; Mark 16:17; I Cor 14:13


This is a gift which cannot build up the body by itself.  It must have the gift of Interpretation along

side to be able to build up the body of Christ.



Miracles – The special ability given to some people to be able

to transform the course of natural events in such a way

that divine intervention takes place.


Biblical References: I Cor 12:10 & 28; John 1 1:38-44;

John 2: 1-11; Mark 6:14; Matt 8:24-26


  • Experiences miraculous answers to prayer
  • May also have Intercession Gift and Faith Gift
  • Unexplainable things will happen when person acts



Healing – the spiritual endowment given to certain members of

the body of Christ to be able to miraculously restore

health to individuals in the area of physical, emotional

or spiritual needs through a direct act of God.


Biblical References: I Cor 12:9 & 8; Matt 8:16-17 & 28-33;

Luke 5:17-20; Luke 7:1-10; Luke 8:42-48


- Are sensitive to those who are suffering

- May also have a strong gift of Faith

- Is very willing to try to heal all who ask

  • Understands that God may heal but also accepts God’s

choice not to heal because of His ultimate plan