Luke 10:33-35; Matt 25:34-40

Romans 12:8; Acts 16:33-34

Matt 20:29-34; Acts 11:28-30


DEFINED:  The special ability God gives to feel genuine empathy

and compassion for individuals who suffer distressing

physical, mental, or emotional problems, and to translate

that compassion into cheerfully done deeds which reflect

God’s love and alleviate suffering



  • They like to encourage the distressed
  • Are not distressed when help given doe not appear to benefit
  • Rebuke others only when absolutely necessary
  • Are very sensitive to words and actions that may hurt others
  • Have ability to discern others true motives
  • Have unique spiritual sensitivity
  • Like to engage in one-on-one relationships
  • Enjoy a personal ministry to individuals one person at

a time



  • Don’t take on another’s hurt to point of being offended

for them

  • Avoid making emotional decisions. Base decisions on the

Word and prayer

  • Exercise caution when ministering to opposite sex
  • Be merciful to those who lack the gift of Mercy



  • Helpers of Alcoholics, mentally ill, blind, deaf,

homeless and underprivileged

  • One who works with migrant workers, released prisoners,

recovering drug addicts

- Deacons to visit the elderly shut-ins, those hospitalized

or the bereaved or dying