I Cor 12:10

Acts 5:1-11

Acts 16:16-18

I John 4:1-6

Matt 16:21-23


DEFINED:  The special ability that God gives to certain

members of the Body of Christ to know with assurance whether certain behavior purported to be of God is in reality divine, human or satanic.




  • They study the Bible
  • They compare to what they see and hear to Scripture
  • Can read a religious book and almost immediately detect

any subtle error

  • Can hear a sermon and put finger on any deficiency

of truth

  • Can detect emotional rather than spiritual worship




  • Don’t hold back for fear of offending
  • Be prepared for possible ridicule
  • Stand on what you know to be true. Do not waiver
  • Avoid becoming a “self-styled heresy hunter”




  • Those who oppose or expose fraudulent televangelist
  • Those who discover and warn others of new cults
  • Committee member who speaks out and questions motives
  • Will say “something is wrong here”
  • Expose dilution of faith for comfortability sake