Romans 12:8

I Timothy 4:13

Hebrews 10:25

Acts 14:22


DEFINED:  The ability to lift up, encourage, counsel, strengthen

and comfort another to become his/her best self; the




- Draw upon practical life experiences

- Work with compassion

- Help others see how they can overcome

- Manifested in teaching situations and private one-on-one


- Take time with an individual – Commitment

- Usually have a word of encouragement for others no matter

how badly they themselves have suffered

- May be employed through the written word

- Not long-term involvement

- May have Mercy/Exhortation mix of Pastor/Exhortation mix

- People seek them out when in need

- Desire more than anything that believers mature and grow

- Like to give steps

- Want teachings to be applied to every day living



- Be sensitive to the Lord’s leading

- Listeners may not follow your advise.  Trust God to work

it out

- Be careful not to take scripture out of context


CURRENT EXAMPLES:  How your gift may be put to use. . .

- Christian Educator

- Vocal Music

- Counselor: Emotionally disturbed; divorce recovery,

children’s programs, alcoholics; addicts, potential

suicide victims, runaways, widows