Eph 4:11-14

I Timothy 3:1-7

John 10:1-18

I Peter 5:1-3



DEFINED: The special ability to assume a long-term personal

responsibility for the spiritual welfare of a group of





  • Enjoys relating to a group over an extended period
  • Is concerned about the spiritual well-being of a group
  • Is generally more people-oriented than task-oriented
  • Is not as interested in goals and plans
  • Is compassionate and concerned
  • Is very interested in the spiritual well being of

the body




  • May need an assistant with Gift of Administration
  • Be careful not to neglect duties outside of gift area
  • If not careful, church will not grow
  • Utilize others with Gift of Pastor so as not to burn out



CURRENT EXAMPLES: How your gift may be put to use. . .

  • Pastor of local church
  • Circle leader
  • Counselor
  • Stephens Ministry
  • Small group facilitator
  • Men’s club pastoral care
  • Sunday School teacher