This Sunday will be the 7th Sunday of Kingdomtide.  It will also be World Communion Sunday, started in 1933 by Rev. Dr. Hugh Thomson Kerr.  It is intended to be a celebration designated by many Churches & Christian denominations, taking place on the first Sunday of every October, which promotes Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation.  It focuses on the sharing of Holy Communion together.

Rev. Kerr’s son, Rev. Dr. Donald Craig Kerr, was 16 at the time it all began and says that “World Communion Sunday grew out of my father’s attempt to bring churches together in a service of Christian unity – in which everyone might receive both inspiration and information, and above all, to know how import the Church of Jesus Christ is, and how we are interconnected with one another.”

Notice the phrase “how we are interconnected with one another’” for that seems to be the aim of the lectionary assigned scriptures for this Sunday.  Only they are trying to show that interconnected on a larger, more cosmic scale, especially Psalms 8.  In this rather short Psalm, it tells of the greatness of God.  It tells us humans who we are and why God created us.  And it tells us indirectly how our relationship with one another should be as caretakers of the earth and stewards of its resources in which God has entrusted to us.

Today, if I were putting the lectionary together, I would assign Psalms 8 for the Sunday closest to Earth Day; because to many Christian churches and its members have forgotten how God designed all these things to be interconnected and intrinsically tied together.  At Covenant we have not forgotten these important connections while I will explain in my sermon this Sunday.

So, join us on this World Communion Sunday, in-person, by Zoom or by Facebook Livestream.  Let’s be prepared to celebrate The Sacrament of Holy Communion together after my sermon on “What is Man” based on Psalms 8.