This Sunday is the Tenth Sunday After Pentecost.  I will continue my series on Covenant’s Vision Statement which is “To be an inclusive community of faith – Offering Hope + Showing Faithfulness + Sharing Joy.”   This week in Part 2 of this sermon series I will be talking about “The Vision is Showing Faithfulness.”   

          This past Wednesday, I began a new Life Lesson series and the first teaching focused on “Increasing the Value of Your Relationships.”  In that lesson I focused on the word “appreciation.”  Two of the things I talked about we need to appreciate in others in which we have relationships are their loyalty and their efforts.  Growing up, I heard my Mom often say a person should always “praise the bridge that brought you across.”  Similar terms are “praise the bridge that brought us over,” or “praise the bridge that carries you over.”  These similar statements are about being appreciative of the loyalty and efforts of those with whom we have a relationship.  For Covenant, we should be appreciative of those having helped us live out the vision of “Showing Faithfulness.”

          As followers of Christ, we should first appreciate the loyalty and efforts of God toward us; but also, to those in our church family as well.  As Pastor of Covenant, I would like to share my appreciation to Samuel and Stephanie Carroll for their years of service to Covenant as Deacons and Stephanie as Board member before that.  They recently resigned as Deacons.  Over the years they have been wonderful examples of “Showing Faithfulness.”  We of course wish them the best in all their endeavors as members of Covenant, and in their private lives.  However, on behalf of the church I wanted to say “thank you” to them.

          This of Covenant is still alive and well; so, join us this Sunday for worship in-person, on Zoom or by Facebook Livestream when my sermon is “Part 2: The Vision is … Showing Faithfulness,” based on Ephesians 2:11-22.