This Sunday is “ALL SAINT’S DAY.” We will set aside a moment to remember “Our Great Cloud of Witnesses.” Most all of us have had special persons that impacted our lives for the better. They have finished their earthly journey and transitioned to being part of our great cloud of witnesses, cheering us on from the stadium in the Heavenly realm.

This year, with the COVID-19 death total having exceeded 230,000 and continues to rise, it feels especially important to give space to remembering in 2020 these saints that many of us may not know as well.

One little girl was asked, “Who is a saint?” She replied, “A saint is somebody that the light shines through.” She was correct. While this applies to both living and deceased saints, this Sunday we are remembering “all those saints who from their labor’s rest.” The light of God shone through the lives of all our saints. We see their light through the mirror of our experience with them and are inspired by their lives. They lift us to be better people. A saint does not say, I want you to be a Christian; nor do they force their faith upon you or make you go to church. Simply by the nature of their lives, our saints inspire us to be holy (better people.)

So, on this All Saint’s Sunday, we will take a moment to recognize our great cloud of witnesses. We invite you to gather pictures of those who were saints in your lives around you as you join us for worship this Sunday for a special moment or remembrance.

Join us at 11:30 AM on ZOOM or Facebook Livestream. My sermon will be “For All the Saints Who from Their Labor’s Rest” based on I John 3:1-3 and Hebrews 12:1-2