This Sunday is the Third Sunday of Easter. The assigned gospel from John 21 shares that events before and during Jesus third appearance to the disciples after the resurrection. In the previous two appearance, Jesus did lots of miracles that John 20:30 says, “which are not written in this book.” Even having witnessed these things, these five disciples, former fisherman, felt the need to retreat to their comfort zone and went fishing.

Desiring to live and worship in our comfort zone is nothing new. Last Sunday, our congregation voted with a supermajority to move to a new location for worship and church life. While it was an overwhelming vote, there were some very opposed to this decision. Both side’s reasoning must be respected for both are valid. I believe those on both sizes of the vote were choosing hope. I think maybe, it was even for the same reason; everybody wants to be in what they consider their comfort zone.

Those voting no; find where we current worship to be their comfort zone. While those voting to move see this as best for the future of Covenant, they too desire to be in the comfort zone of being close to the people our ministry tries to serve. I believe the gospel text assigned this week helps us to understand that following Jesus mean moving beyond our comfort zone.

After these five disciples had gone fishing all night without positive results, Jesus comes to them and performs another miracle in their presence resulting in them catching 153 fish. Jesus cooks for them and then teaches them the lesson that all of us who like to retreat to our comfort zone should learn going forward. He says to them, “Follow Me.” “Choosing Hope,” means “Following Jesus.” “Following Jesus,” means “Moving Beyond our Comfort Zone.”

Join us for worship on this Third Sunday of Easter. My sermon will be “Moving Beyond Our Comfort Zone by Choosing Hope” based on “Psalms 30:1-5, 11-12” and “John 21:1-14 & 19b.”