In our 2019 Lenten Journey, Easter is only 2 weeks away. Reading Judas’s criticism of Mary in assigned Gospel text and my own experiences this week, have both reminded me that every one of us experience dark times that are hard to release. Grief, shame, despair, death, disappointment, anger, depression, and addiction can keep us from practicing resurrection. These ‘shadows’ over our lives can even make us forget that resurrection is possible or that it should be natural for the people who claim the name of “Christian”. In these times, Covenant being “an inclusive community of faith – Offering Hope + Showing Faithfulness + Sharing Joy” is crucial because it might be the only avenue for some to be able to walk from “death” into the new life God has for them.

As a Pastor, I encounter every week, many different things holding many hearts in our community in “death”. Making our Covenant mission of existing to “care about one another in Christ” and to “communicate Christ (God’s love) to all” is essential; for it has the power to open hearts to “resurrection” (new life). We must continuously strive to lead our community to the new life in which God is always inviting us to live. But before we can fully embrace that new life, we must let go of all that hold us back.

As we symbolically turn our faces toward Jerusalem for this next two weeks, let’s not get so caught of up remembering Christ’s story of betrayal, crucifixion and death that we forget to practice the resurrection that’s already presence in our lives. For this reason, my Sunday morning sermons have put an emphasis on living each day with hope; rejoicing in the assurance that “God’s Steadfast Love” brings into our lives.

Join us at Covenant this Sunday to experience resurrection (new life). My sermon will be “God’s Steadfast Love Brings Shouts of Joy,” based on Psalm 126 and John 12:1-8.