This week, Covenant will observe “Baptism of Our Lord Sunday.” The assigned Gospel text includes Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist.

Baptism is an act of “coming out.” It’s going public about who you are and your spiritual allegiance on your faith journey. At Covenant we describe baptism as an outward expression of an inward reality; a public acknowledgement of saying yes to being in relationship with God.

So, Covenant joins other churches in the Christian communion that offer an opportunity each year on this Sunday for reaffirmation one’s baptism. Deacon Frank Dodson reminds me each year that this is one of his favorite services. I admit it has come to be one of mine also.

Reading the assigned Gospel text this week, I took a new look at Jesus’ Baptism. I noticed that though His baptism was a coming out and public event for Him; there was a deeply personal and encouraging response from God to Jesus’ baptism. The scriptures say, “… and the Holy Spirit came down on Him in bodily form like a dove. And there was a voice from heaven: ‘You are my Son, whom I dearly love: in You I find happiness.’ “

Perhaps the reason Baptism of our Lord Sunday is observed on the 2nd Sunday of the first month of the year is because early in the year, each of us need to be reminded that we are “a child of God and dearly loved by God!”

Join us for worship this Baptism of our Lord Sunday. My sermon will be “A New Look at Baptism” based on “Isaiah 43:1-5a” and “Luke 3:15-17, 21-22.” And we will offer the opportunity for you to be baptized or to reaffirm your baptism.