Across America, the theme for this Sunday will be Back-To-Church Sunday. It comes from recognizing the reality that summer is a time of travel and outdoor activities that take people away from regularly attending church. So, with children going back to school and vacation times of summer coming to an end, it’s a way of reminding folks to get back into the habit of attending church regularly.

It is hoped that getting back into a regular routine of worshipping will give people a renewed sense of commitment to God and shared commitment through a local community of faith. I pray it will be so for many of you. Our faithfulness in gathering regularly for worship also brings a great measure of God’s blessings into our lives.

September is also the month in which many churches conduct their annual Stewardship Campaign for the next year. It will likewise be so for us at Covenant. This year’s Stewardship Campaign theme is “Covenant – Celebrate! The Joy of Giving.” Like gathering as a community of faith to worship, being faithful, watchful stewards over the financial resources God has blessed us with is another way we can bring a greater measure of God’s blessing into our lives.

In the sermon this Sunday, I will use an often misunderstood passage of scriptures to teach a wonderful truth. To fully understand the truth of this passage requires us to understand that all scripture is not equal. The words of Jesus are preeminent to all other scripture. All scripture before and after the words of Jesus must be interpreted considering the things Jesus had to say.

So, join us this week at Covenant. My sermon will be aimed at helping us maximize the blessings of sharing the resources God has entrusted to us. My sermon on this Back-To-Church Sunday is that of our Stewardship theme is, “Covenant – Celebrate! The Joy of Giving,” based on Malachi 3:8-12.